• How to construct a medical cannabis greenhouse.


  • Learn the best techniques for building medical cannabis greenhouses in Hawaii.

  • Learn the step-by-step procedures of building a medical cannabis greenhouse, or grow-room.

  • It can be easy and rewarding to grow your medicine if you have the right knowledge.

  • Our classes show you how to build a small one plant grow-room to large greenhouses.


In our "How to construct a medical cannabis greenhouse" class you will learn the do-it-yourself procedures to build your greenhouse from start to finish. Advice from our experienced medical cannabis growers can save you time, money, and greatly increase the yield of your medical cannabis plants.

Building your own greenhouse, or grow room, makes it easier and safer for you to grow your medical cannabis. Learning how to build your own secure growing facility helps to protect your medicine, and your peace of mind.

The likelihood of criminals sneaking onto your property to steal your medicine is very upsetting, especially when dealing with serious illnesses. All too frequently, patients return home to find their medical cannabis plants missing. Often these robberies go unreported because patients feel confused, and intimidated, by police campaigns against medical cannabis. Unfortunately, medical cannabis patients still suffer from cultural prejudice against them for using their medicine.

If you are not a carpenter, and would prefer us to build your grow facility, please see our Construction of your Greenhouse or Grow-Room Service.

Our resident expert, Brian Murphy, Director of Patients Without Time and Concentrated Cannabis Solutions, is our professional consultant and will share his 30 years of experience constructing all types of medical cannabis growing facilities, so you can determine the best type of medical cannabis growing facility so your medicinal cannabis can thrive.

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