Growing "Medical Cannabis Hawai'i Style."

  • Hawai'i has the best environment for growing cannabis.

  • Learn the history and current state of the medical cannabis laws in Hawai'i.

  • Learn about the various climates in Hawai'i and how they effect growing your medicine.

  • Compare indoor and outdoor growing techniques in Hawai'i.

  • Learn the properties of Hawaii's unique medical cannabis strains.

Our "Growing "Medical Cannabis Hawai'i Style" class gives you an overview the history and current state of the medical cannabis laws in Hawai'i. Learn the how medical cannabis patients in Hawai'i are trying to cope with the conflicts in Hawaii's Medical cannabis laws. A primary caregiver may help a medical cannabis patient cultivate and ingest their medicine.

Hawaii's unique climate is perfect for growing medical cannabis. However, there are very different climates on various parts of the islands. Nutrients and natural organic pest control formulas vary widely to keep your plants growing abundantly.

In our "Growing "Medical Cannabis Hawai'i Style" class you will learn the basic procedures of growing excellent quality, healthy medical cannabis plants on Maui. You will learn about Maui's various medical cannabis strains, and how to grow them to attain a maximum harvest of your medicine.

Brian Murphy, Director of Concentrated Cannabis Solutions, and Patients Without Time, has thirty years of experience working with medical cannabis patients. He organized Patients Without Time, the only medical cannabis co-operative on Maui. Over a decade of working with Hawaii's medical cannabis patients has provided Mr. Murphy with a wealth of knowledge about the issues surrounding medical cannabis in Hawai'i and he will share this unique perspective with you.

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